layered images

The artist's newest works in small size are merely passing suggestions. Only a few details can be seen.



Since 2010 the artist creates works in a special size (often ca. 254 x 20 cm). She calles them "bridges". From time to time new creations were added to the work group.


artist's books

For many years the artist creates her books from design to print and binding inclusive. Since 2011 she realizes ambitious lime-bindings, too.


light works

Haenni has been wishing working with light for a long time. When LED got payable, it became possible for her. The artists sees her light-works as a work in progress. She adapts them to new locations.


photographic works

Photographs are an important part of the artist's work. The camera accompanies her since her youth. Her special view on the things is respected by the public.



The artist has begun to create short documentary films about her exhibitions and her light works. Later she began to build animated films.

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