statements of the artist

The encounter

The encounter beween human beings but also the confrontation with situations of everyday life or special events make our life worth living. They have a strong impact on our experience and keep our mind and our perception awaken. 

Encounters can make us happy or angry. Depending on the mood whithin we are at the moment, we react differently on our opposite, interprete the experienced situation differently.

Encounters signify new experience. Encounters often are a surprise, are often planned, too. The encounter with a stranger is a different challenge than the meeting with a well-known friend. Nevertheless our reaction is prudent when we meet a new person from a strange culture. If ever there is a strange language, a foreign origin or a different generation.

In progress of the informatic development, the emergence of the smart phones encounters with strangers seem to became more seldom. Of course this is not the fact in the virtual life, but in everyday's life. It is often that you become aware of not talking to the other people in the trane or in the bus. Talking to strangers becomes more and more a no-go.

I try to work against this separating with my photo-fadings. The encounter with my images shall sharpen the senses. The spectator should look at them a hundred times and should have the possibility of perceiving them differently every time. He shall live the change of the perspectives with body and soul, should see, that there are different opportunities of perceiving an encounter with his own and the other.


Irène Hänni, Februar 2015

I am fascinated by thoughts being visible in a text or in an image. Many years ago I was reading books about philosophy and linguistics, about the development of numbers and scripture. Communication itself as well as in art as in everyday life is also a topic that inspires me again and again.

How works our brain, how do we think things over? Why the same fact can be seen in different ways? Why can the same image be different for different viewers?

A contemporary instrument to work on such questions is for me the computer. I am not primarily interested in programming and in the herefrom resulting effect. But I am searching for new visual expressions by using the machine directed by my individual decisions.The basis for this search always is a concept.


Irène Hänni, Juli 2011